Seamlessly integrated workers’ compensation coverage through Netchex payroll reporting.

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Workers’ compensation insurance paid monthly based on your actual payroll.

You are already reporting your payroll information to your payroll company, why duplicate work by resubmitting it to your workers’ compensation carrier? Or you pay your workers’ compensation based on payroll estimates, opening yourself up to potential audit issues if the estimates are inaccurate.

Allowing IUL to act as a conduit between AmTrust workers’ compensation and Netchex allows you to have the best of both worlds. You no longer duplicate administrative work by completing reporting forms and paying premiums. Both of those functions are handled through the integrated relationship with Netchex and AmTrust. You also greatly reduce the prospect of having to deal with an adverse workers’ compensation audit since your actual monthly payroll is being reported as opposed to an estimate made over a year before the audit.

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